I Love You Dear

I Love You Dear.

I find it amusing that when you write about “a nasty piece of work!” it’s assumed to be biographical, but describe a hero and it is no doubt creative writing. Another insight into the human condition perhaps, certainly a subject to ponder whilst I listen to my wife describe the minutia of her job, an accountant, in excruciating detail.

The financial year end, month end, bank reconciliations, auditors are nasty people apparently. For years and years this verbal assault on the complexity and infinite beauty of the human ability to impart meaningful truths. Communication can be so full of precision, discovery, and nuance, coupled with the opportunity for personal enlightenment. I remember one time just to switch things up, she spent twenty two minutes describing the subtle differences between Heinz tomato soup, and the generic brand, and yes I did time her. Now all this inane small talk that she carefully in a seemingly ad hoc way constructs, serves for her a very important function. It affords her a hiding place, a smoke screen. The paradox being whilst communicating nothing, she reveals herself completely. In forty years, not one word about who she is. Not one verbal indication of what lies beneath the surface except by what she omitted. I have come to the conclusion that what is within her is horrific to the point of a raging hunger to hide from it. Live in that world for too long and two personalities will develop. I understood her great struggle before her. How does this poor underequipped woman reconcile herself with where she came from?

Indoctrinated by the indoctrinated from birth, educated by nuns and priests from the age of five, and to finish her off, to be the recipient of sexuality at the appropriate age, presumably by Gods hand. Ram a dogmatic approach to Christianity, and a bestowed sexuality you achieve critical mass. The critical mass being the unreserved devastation of the human spirit. Joy being extinguished, overwhelming guilt and grief nourished, just as planned. Confess your sins my child and then go forth with God’s blessings and bestowed sexuality to commit more sins; come back and confess again, this ritual will in turn serve to commit you to the yoke of enslavement your entire life. Priests will now excrete the scriptures. Luke 18:16. “Get em young, keep em old.”

But wait, that’s not all, the same organization that gave you guilt over sex will now lash you with guilt over contraception. You will produce as many new Catholics as your body can possibly stand and your uterus support. This will in turn ensure the longevity, power, and profit of the Catholic Church and an enema bag in every Catholic bathroom. Isn’t it about time this organization and its leadership be dragged to The Hague and be tried for corruptions it is so patently guilty of, crimes against humanity? The only way to achieve true women’s emancipation is to get rid of all religions; after all they are all man made constructs, all of them. Peace will be with you.


About bigsyrb

I am creative and artistic but live in the real world. I possess compassion, charity, and nobility when required. My education is as eclectic as my prose. I have travelled the world and remember Mount Kilimanjaro when it had snow on its peak. I can gently remove the stitches from a sleeping child’s forehead to save him the trauma of a return visit to the ER, and I can outrun a hippo when the occasion calls for it. I love and respect my parents; I love and respect my children, I love and respect myself. I believe in true women’s emancipation, and Germaine Greer is a fraud. Ethics, honesty, and integrity are at their best when no one is looking. I have good teeth; and in my view attractive feet. A bowl of thin cold gruel takes on prodigious gastronomic proportions when you haven’t eaten in ten years, and takeout somehow leaves you hungry. I am looking to fulfill a need and will search to the end of my days if need be. Last book read, Conrad Black, A Matter of Principle. My favorite authors; D.H.Lawrence, Susan Sontag, Darwin, W.Somerset Maugham, Stephen Pinker. The next book I read will be The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen. My last three sculptures, Ayatollah Khomeini, Dead Horse, an English Coalman, working on many more. A neophile by nature who believes unconditional love is a hostage situation. My sense of humor never lets me down in this sometimes painful world and I don't blow away in a light storm.
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