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I am creative and artistic but live in the real world. I possess compassion, charity, and nobility when required. My education is as eclectic as my prose. I have travelled the world and remember Mount Kilimanjaro when it had snow on its peak. I can gently remove the stitches from a sleeping child’s forehead to save him the trauma of a return visit to the ER, and I can outrun a hippo when the occasion calls for it. I love and respect my parents; I love and respect my children, I love and respect myself. I believe in true women’s emancipation, and Germaine Greer is a fraud. Ethics, honesty, and integrity are at their best when no one is looking. I have good teeth; and in my view attractive feet. A bowl of thin cold gruel takes on prodigious gastronomic proportions when you haven’t eaten in ten years, and takeout somehow leaves you hungry. I am looking to fulfill a need and will search to the end of my days if need be. Last book read, Conrad Black, A Matter of Principle. My favorite authors; D.H.Lawrence, Susan Sontag, Darwin, W.Somerset Maugham, Stephen Pinker. The next book I read will be The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen. My last three sculptures, Ayatollah Khomeini, Dead Horse, an English Coalman, working on many more. A neophile by nature who believes unconditional love is a hostage situation. My sense of humor never lets me down in this sometimes painful world and I don't blow away in a light storm.

The lie?

Asked Jane when she was going to ware her new leather skirt, “the eighth of December” Now that’s specific, no prevarication, the eighth. That I’m sure is when she has the lunch date with the younger couple from work. When … Continue reading

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Collective Memory

We were married and within three months started our family. I remember my wife’s excitement, unrestrained, her hand shaking as she showed me the little blue circle in the bottom of the test tube, evidence of our first child. I … Continue reading

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      Hi sweetheart, following is the glaze for custard and fruit tarts. I’m e-mailing this recipe to you so that we don’t lose it. See you after work. 2 ¼ tsp starch ¼ cup of sugar ½ a … Continue reading

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Of Love and Lust

The great quest, to connect with another, back to a happy two person state. No expectations, no false promises, an open realisation of who you are, a freely given knowledge of your mate. Moments of total disarmament, moments of submission, … Continue reading

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The sensitive man.

The sensitive man. Open to injury, but open to love. With hidden strength and endless depth, His life and ways much richer, attuned to every soul. Enjoined to those he loves, in ways we cannot twig.   With his highs … Continue reading

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Out of the swamp

I met a woman, generous, warm, and patient. I felt the tether of desire. We lay down together; the bond of want, the attachment of two as one. The terrifying tyranny of complete love. The joyful expression of one’s whole … Continue reading

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What Were You Doing At Twenty?

by James » Twenty and Omnipotent. Here I sit, twenty summers young and with more money than I can spend. I’m in Tiger Balm gardens, Singapore. It’s a Friday, October of 1970; I know it’s a Friday because on the … Continue reading

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